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"Order Of The Animals"
Sir Cedric Sinclair invites you to become a member, free of charge, of the "Order Of The Animals".
The only requirement is that you love animals and agree to help animals in need as you come into
contact with them throughout your life. By doing so, you become a very special human to all animals everywhere. The animals have a name for those who watch out for them. It is "Manimal". By joining
"Order Of The Animals", you become a "Manimal". You may join by sending, faxing, or emailing the
following information.


Optional - we may call you to participate in the radio show

Please tell Cedric what kind of animals you have as well as their names

Do you want to be on our mailing list for special animal offers and information?
Yes No

You can send this form in to us via snail mail. Please print this page and send to:
Sinclair And Lea
P.O. Box 51721
New Orleans, LA 70151-1721

Or fax to 504/529-6146

Or copy & paste it to email:


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